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You may have heard that MCHD is making some changes to the District’s EMS Service. This news is true, and we can assure you, the changes we’re making will benefit ALL residents in every part of Morrow County.

Here are a few of the many facts:

  • The MCHD Board of Directors has approved a three-year transition plan to shift the District’s EMS model to a paid, full-time EMS staff available 24/7 in Boardman, Irrigon, and Heppner. Ione will continue to be served by volunteer EMS staff as Heppner’s ambulance service also serves residents in this community. In addition, volunteer EMS staff will serve as a backup in all locations.
  • The plan includes increasing staffing to eight Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) for each location. Our specially trained health professionals will work 12-hour shifts in their dispatch location. In addition, a lead staff person will be designated on the north end of the county with additional supervisory responsibilities.
  • The financial aspects of the EMS transition plan have been carefully considered, and the District is CONFIDENT that it is fiscally responsible, will ultimately reduce expenses, generate additional sustaining revenues, and will NOT increase charges to patients/transports.
  • *IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY* To help guide the EMS transition plan, MCHD consulted with a national non-profit organization, The Paramedic Foundation. The full-time employed EMS staffing model has been adopted by rural counties across the state and country. It has proven to be the most responsible and reliable strategy to ensure that when residents call 911, their ambulance service answers!

Please help us spread the word; MCHD is making changes for the better!

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