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About Morrow County Health District

Morrow County Health District is a non-profit Oregon Special District that offers healthcare services throughout Morrow County. 

Services include:

  • Home Health & Hospice
  • Primary Care 
  • Emergency Department, Hospital, and Extended Care 

Although we’re smaller than more urban healthcare systems, we offer a surprising range of services to care for our patients right here, close to home. 

Morrow County Health District does not discriminate or deny access to services because of a person’s race, color, sex, national origin, disability, religion, age, sexual orientation, or inability to pay.  Financial assistance is available.  Please contact the Patient Business Office at (541) 676-9133 for more information.


Bring essential health services to our rural communities that meet the unique needs of the people we serve.


Be the first choice for quality, compassionate care, and lead the way in promoting wellness and improving health in our communities.


  • Integrity  encompassing honesty and consistently adhering to the principles of professionalism and accountability with our patients, fellow employees, and community partners; integrity is at the heart of everything we do
  • Compassion  being motivated with a desire to assist patients and staff with empathy and kindness and committed to going the extra mile to ensure patients and staff feel comfortable and welcomed
  • Quality  creating standards of performance that surpass ordinary expectations; we want to make this the place where patients want to come, our providers want to practice, and people want to work
  • Respect  recognizing and valuing the dignity and uniqueness of everyone; respect creates a work environment based on teamwork, encouragement, trust, concern, honesty, and responsive communication among all employees and our patients
  • Financial Responsibility  being good stewards of public funds; always considering whether expenditures are in the best interests of patients and the community; ensuring financial sustainability for the future

Strategic Plan - 2023 - 2025

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