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Emergency Medical Services

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Emergency Medical Services in Morrow County

Morrow County Health District is proud to have been the ambulance service provider countywide for the past 30 years. Our EMS personnel have provided exceptional service and we’re deeply grateful to them. We’re also grateful to all of the community members that have spoken in support of our ambulance service over the past three years.

On March 12, 2024 at 6 p.m., Boardman Fire Rescue District assumes responsibility for the ambulance service countywide. We hope this will be a temporary situation and that MCHD will resume responsibility for the ambulance service once Morrow County selects a permanent provider.

In the interim, MCHD will continue to provide the following EMS services:

  • Inter-facility transfers from Pioneer Memorial Hospital
  • Quick Response Teams (EMS personnel) who may respond to medical calls as needed and available to provide stabilizing care
  • Transport of patients by ambulance if appropriately dispatched and if a delay in transport would place the patient at risk of harm or death
  • Administration of the Tri-County Ambulance Association 

To all of our first responders past and present, thank you for your service. Your contribution to our communities can never be forgotten.


Tri-County Ambulance Association

Morrow County Health District works with ambulance organizations in Gilliam and Wheeler counties to manage Tri-County Ambulance Association. Tri-County Ambulance Association is a membership program designed to help residents maintain affordable access to quality emergency medical services. By joining, membership provides payment after insurance coverage for medically necessary ambulance service. The cost for a family membership is $45 per year.

In addition to coverage in Morrow (Morrow County Health District transports only), Gilliam, and Wheeler counties, members receive benefits in over 50 other service areas. Tri-County Ambulance Association has developed reciprocal agreements with an extensive network of EMS providers throughout Oregon to ensure its members receive the finest lifesaving care possible at an affordable price.

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