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How can I help my child establish healthy habits?

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You might be surprised to learn that, on average, it takes more than a week, sometimes even a few months, to establish healthy choices, habits, and routines. This week is Every Kid Healthy Week, and it is a great way to focus on the health of the children in your life.

Each day this week, you can focus on a different aspect of health to set a foundation for years to come.

Mindful Monday: Help your child to build resiliency through practicing social-emotional health and mindfulness. Practice breathing exercises, yoga, journaling, or even create a calm-down corner.

Tasty Tuesday: Set the foundation for lifelong healthy eating habits. You can try new foods, prepare a healthy meal together, plan a garden, examine food labels, look up and talk about their ingredients.

Wellness Wednesday: Explore self-care strategies. Maybe it is a bubble bath, going for a walk, coloring, or reading together. You can also take this day to set health goals. Finally, you can create a plan using the SMART goal approach.

Thoughtful Thursday: Focus on feelings and relationships. Express feelings through art, music, playing, and even designing a game together. In addition, you can use conversation starters to discuss important relationships in your child’s life.

Fitness Friday: Get active together! The possibilities are endless. Go for a walk or run, play on the playground, start a Wiffle ball or tag game, create an obstacle course, do an exercise video together, and have a dance party! Physical activity fuels the mind and body and strengthens bonds when you do it together!

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