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EMS Advisory Committee

The Morrow County EMS Advisory Committee is a 10-person committee appointed by the Morrow County Health District Board of Directors to ensure compliance with Morrow County's Ambulance Service Area Plan

Morrow County's current ASA Plan was reviewed and certified by the Morrow County Board of Commissioners and the Oregon Health Authority in 2021.  In Oregon, ASA Plans are reviewed every five years.

The EMS Advisory Committee meets at least quarterly and is made up of the following positions: supervising physician or designee for the ambulance service provider; an EMT from each ambulance service provider location (one from Boardman, one from Heppner, one from Ione, and one from Irrigon); Director of Nursing Service or designee (one from Pioneer Memorial Hospital in Heppner and one from Good Shepherd Hospital in Hermiston); Fire department representative; 911 systems representative; and QRT representative.  

EMS Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public.  

Current EMS stats (including response times) are available on a monthly basis here.

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