“Swing Bed” is a federal designation for an acute care rural hospital bed that has been approved for patients needing short term post-acute care. This program is designed to offer medical or physical rehabilitation to patients who are not yet physically able to return home and can benefit from staying in a hospital setting for continued care and rehabilitation.

Patients in the Swing Bed program at Pioneer Memorial Hospital are able to receive strengthening therapy, as well as 24-hour skilled nursing care and services for a few days or weeks. Our Swing Bed Program provides a transition for patients, giving them more time to reach optimal health and return to the highest level of function possible.

A Swing Bed patient has many different faces, including those:

  • Recovering from major joint replacement
  • Recovering from major surgery
  • Requiring daily Physical or Occupational Therapy
  • Recovering from an extended hospitalization
  • Needing specialized wound care
  • Requiring long-term IV antibiotics

Who Qualifies For Swing Bed / Skilled Care?

Our business office staff can help determine if you would qualify for swing bed care, but some of the criteria are:

  • Patient has to have been in an acute hospital for at least 3 consecutive days (3 midnights).
  • Patient has skilled needs which are related to the acute admission within the last 30 days.
  • Medicare Part A or other insurance with hospital-based skilled care benefits.
  • Days available for skilled level of care.
  • Patient must be willing to participate in the daily inpatient skilled care program.

What Is Your Responsibility?

The goal of a skilled care program is to assist you or your loved one in becoming as independent as possible for a lower level of care such as home, assisted living or long-term care. For that reason, patients are encouraged to dress in street clothes, get out of bed for meals, and participate in daily nursing or therapy rehabilitation as needed.

Why Choose Pioneer Memorial Hospital For Swing Bed / Skilled Services?

  • Acute hospital-based RN around the clock to manage your care
  • Medical and/or physical nursing rehabilitation
  • Availability of physical therapy as needed
  • Services such as Lab and X-Ray are readily available
  • Primary care physician or hospital-based physician for weekly visits and as needed
  • In-house 24-hour emergency care as needed
  • You or your loved one will be close to home and cared for by staff that know you and care about you

Referral Process

  • The case manager will work closely with you, your physician, your, family and the team to determine a discharge plan and what you will need for safe discharge.
  • For patients in another acute hospital who would prefer to come to our facility because it is closer to homem the referral can be made by you, your family, your physician and/or your case manager at the referring hospital.
  • Pioneer Memorial Hospital’s Admissions team will determine if you meet admission criteria for short-term skilled care and whether you have days available according to your pay or source.

To learn more about the Swing Bed program and availability:

Contact Terri Brandt-Correia, Director of Nursing, at 541-676-2947.
Please fax Swing Bed referrals to (541) 676-2900.