Mobile MRI Bus 2017

For the past 24 years, MRI Mobile has partnered with hospitals, clinics, and group practices across the Northwest to help them expand their radiology testing capabilities. Patients receive the same quality imaging provided at major medical centers without the inconvenience of traveling miles from home. The Mobile MRI van is equipped with a 1.5T (T=Tesla strength) High Definition (HD) unit, and according to MRI Mobile, the acquisition times are among the fastest in the industry, which equates to shorter scan times. The high definition component yields sharper images on which the reading radiologist is able to make better decisions with a higher level of confidence.

MRI Mobile is available to conduct scans at Pioneer Memorial Hospital every other Saturday. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact the Radiology Department at Pioneer Memorial Hospital at (541)-676-2918. Listed aside are the available dates for MRI services thru the end of the year.



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