Morrow County Health District provides a range of medical services and preventative health for residents and visitors in Morrow County.

Care Centers

Pioneer Memorial Hospital and Nursing Facility
Pioneer Memorial Home Health and Hospice
Pioneer Memorial Clinic
Ione Community Clinic
Irrigon Medical Clinic

Acute and Chronic Disease Management

Ongoing care right where you need it.

Allergy Shots

Seasonal or chronic allergy relief.


Keep the beat with Morrow County Health.

Family Medicine

Treating you and your family like our own.


Many solutions for aging care.

Emergency Medical Services

Call 911 for emergency help.

Long Term Care

When care requires 24/7 attention.

Preventative Medical Services

Get a head start on your health.


Discover the wide range of in-house services.

Swing Bed Care/Rehabilitation

Temporary care when you need it most.

Well Baby/Child Exams

Give your child the right start in life.

Diabetes Management

Ongoing care for diabetic management.

Blood Pressure Checks

Easy and local checkups.

Laboratory Services

Many are done in-house!

Cardiac Stress Testing

Can your heart take the test?

CDL Physicals

Are your road ready?

Colonoscopy & Endoscopy  Testing

Essential preventative care.


Call your primary care physician for options.

Flu Shots

Your flu shot headquarters.

Smoking & Tobacco Cessation

Quit today!

Minor Surgeries

Performed here at Morrow County Health District.

Sports Physicals

Contact your provider.

Health Exams

Get healthy and stay healthy with regular checkups.