Adolescent Well Care Exam

Includes sport physical
AGES 11-21
Schedule an appointment now and throughout the summer with a Morrow County health clinic.

Sport physical “days” will not be provided, but a more comprehensive health exam will be.

If the patient has insurance, the insurance will be billed for an adolescent well care exam, and the balance, if any will not be charged to the patient.

Columbia River Community
Health Services, Boardman

Adolescence is a key transition period in the course of life that requires a unique set of health care services. Adolescents are establishing health behaviors that lay the foundation for their health in adulthood. It is a critical time to educate and engage youth as they transition into independence in their health care choices. A critical factor in achieving this goal is ensuring that adolescents obtain their well-care visits. A high quality adolescent well-care visit is a comprehensive risk and strength assessment which includes a health history on both physical and mental health development and has a zero out of pocket cost. When you schedule an adolescent well-care visit at any Morrow County Health District Clinic, a sports physical that is required by your school district will be included at no additional cost.